Ice Skating Hockey Engagement Photos - Alli & Greg

Alli and Greg’s engagement shoot was the quintessential Canadian-themed engagement shoot – snow, ice skating, hockey, Hudson’s Bay blankets. The only thing missing to complete the theme was some Timmies coffee. :)

During our brainstorming session with Alli and Greg where we were figuring out where to do their perfect engagement photos, Alli mentioned they wanted to do some ice skating for their engagement shoot, and that her parents’ home in Holland Landing, Ontario backs onto conservation area and Holland River, which freezes over during the winter. As soon as Alli mentioned that, that was it. We did not need to keep brainstorming or go far at all to capture their perfect engagement photos.

We met Alli and Greg at her parents’ home and made our way over to Holland River. Despite being a beautifully sunny day, there was snow everywhere and Diego and I did not even notice right away that we had been walking on a frozen river.  It took me a few moments, and a reminder that the river is only knee deep at it’s deepest, to get over the fact that we were walking on a frozen river, that was starting to melt in some parts… no biggy!

The night before their engagement shoot, Alli and Greg had actually cleared some snow from the frozen river and created a mini ice rink for them to play hockey. When we arrived at the ice rink, Alli’s dad and brother drove up on their ATVs to drop off props and equipment needed for Alli and Greg’s hockey face-off. After laces were tied, the cutest hockey game began. Things got a little more intense though when Alli and Greg put on jerseys from their favourite hockey teams – Toronto Maple Leafs for Alli and Philadelphia Flyers for Greg, but by the looks of it, it was a tie. hehehe

After their intense game of hockey, Alli and Greg huddled under their Hudson’s Bay blanket to warm up before slowly making our way back down the river – and I say slowly as Diego and I just couldn’t help but keep shooting around them as there was just so much chemistry between them two and they were just so sweet and fun together.  

When we finally made it back, Alli and Greg had a bit of a surprise for us and brought out their bearded dragons to join them for a couple of photos. They too were all dressed up for their shoot and even had the best signs all prepared. It was such a fun way to finish their engagement shoot, full of unique and personal touches! Alli and Greg, thank you and your awesome family for such a fun afternoon capturing your Canadian winter engagement photos!