How to Prepare for an Engagement Photoshoot

How to Choose a Location for the Engagement Session

  • Do try to choose a location that is meaningful and special to you both as a couple. It could be where you first met, where you had your first date, or where you got engaged.

  • Do consider local spots you love to visit together, such as coffee shops, markets, or your favourite park to stroll in.

  • Do remember you can keep it simple and have your shoot done at home for cozy and relaxed photos.

  • Do check if the location has parking and private space for you to change your outfits.

  • Don’t forget that many locations require photo permits. Check in advance if permits are needed and their cost.

  • Don’t feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities. Feeling lost? Browse ideas online to create a general vision of your engagement shoot and let us provide some ideas. Consider the following: outdoorsy, woodsy, urban, cozy, action packed, etc. We are happy to help build your vision from here!

  • Don’t think an idea is too crazy. We love different and we love adventure! Let’s do it!


How to Choose a Date for the Engagement Session

  • Do leave enough time between the engagement shoot and your wedding date to allow you to use the engagement photos in your save-the-date cards or your wedding website, or to have them printed and displayed at your reception.

  • Do consider all seasons and the look and feel it will give your photos.

  • Do remember that weather is unpredictable. We cannot guarantee flowers will be in full bloom in the spring or trees will have leaves or fall colours in the fall.

  • Do be prepared for crowded parks during the spring as everyone wants to enjoy the spring warmth and flower bloom.

  • Don’t wait until November for outdoor engagement sessions. There are rarely any leaves left and the snow has yet to fall.

  • Don’t discount winter engagement shoots. Snow is a beautiful backdrop for photos and a lot of fun to play with.


How to Choose a Time for the Engagement Session

  • Do consider early morning or late afternoon/evening for outdoor engagement shoots. The sun is gentle and flattering for photos.

  • Do try and avoid mid-day shoots as the sun is very harsh and unflattering.

  • Do check opening and closing hours for indoor locations, conservation areas, and other government or private spots.

  • Do contact indoor locations such as coffee shops to check when they are least busy to avoid crowds.

What to Wear for the Engagement Session

  • Do try to match your outfit to the location, season, and mood of your shoot. For example, if you wouldn’t wear a tux and a fancy dress and heels to the park, consider choosing something more casual and comfortable.

  • Do treat yourself to a new outfit. It’s not every day that you get professional photos taken of yourself.

  • Do pick clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.

  • Do consider the weather. Dress light when it’s warm, and bundle up when it’s cold.

  • Do select light and neutral colours such as blue, white, blush, peach, and pastels.

  • Do wear bold and bright colours during the spring and summer, but avoid wearing it all over.

  • Do avoid black and gray clothes. They may be flattering in real life but get lost in photos.

  • Don’t let your accessorize overpower you. We want YOU to shine, nor your bracelets.

  • Don’t overly coordinate your clothes. Your clothes should compliment each other in colour and fanciness/casualness, but not be matchy-matchy. Same shades or tones of the same colour are ok!

  • Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or may make you feel self-conscious.

  • Don’t only wear heels or formal shoes. We will most likely be doing quite a bit of walking and we don’t want you to get tired or be in pain.

  • Don’t be shy to bring multiple outfits but consider the location of the shoot and if you will have the time and place for outfit changes. We are also happy to help you choose between outfits if you just can’t decide!

How to Prepare for the Engagement Session in the Week Leading Up to It

  • Do try to book your hair and makeup trial for the day of the engagement shoot. Not only will you look fabulous in your photos, but it will also give you a chance to see how the styles will look in photos the day of your wedding.

Hint: Keep in mind that hair and makeup trials often go longer than expected. Ensure to leave enough time between the trials and the engagement shoot so you can try multiple styles and not rush.

  • Do get your nails done before the shoot. We’ll be doing a number of engagement ring pictures and you want your nails to look their best. Treat yourself!

  • Do have your engagement ring cleaned the morning of or the day before the shoot. It only takes a couple of minutes and most jewellery stores will do it for you for free. Make it shine!

  • Do try on your outfits a few days before the shoot to ensure they fit well and don’t require dry cleaning or alterations.

  • Do prepare all your clothes and props the night before to ensure nothing is lost or forgotten and to avoid last minute panic.

  • Do eat before the engagement session. We wouldn’t want you to be hangry during the engagement shoot.

  • Don’t eat food with a ton of salt or fat before the shoot to avoid bloating and feeling uncomfortable.

  • Don’t experiment with new haircuts and hair colour right before the shoot in case it doesn’t turn out quite as you imagined.

What to Bring to the Engagement Session

  • Do bring a sturdy bag or back-pack to keep all your belongings in 1 place. It’s easier to keep an eye on and to carry around as we move to new spots.

  • Do bring water and snacks that are quick, easy, and clean to eat.

  • Do bring gum. You’ll be smooching quite a bit!

  • Do consider bringing a small touch up kit with some make-up, a hair brush, wet wipes, tissues, and blotting paper.

  • Do bring an umbrella if there is even a small chance of rain.

  • Do bring pain medication for those pesky headaches.

  • Do bring blankets, scarves, mittens or gloves, hats, and extra sweaters if it’s chilly or cold outside. Remember that even in the summer, once the sun is down it can get a little cold.

  • Do bring meaningful and fun props with you if you like but consider their size, weight, and portability.

Important! Do consider the quantity of things you will bring with you to the shoot. We tend to move and walk a lot in our engagement shoots so heavy and numerous bags are not advised. We are also not responsible for lost, forgotten, or stolen items that are put to the side during the shoot.



What to Consider When Bringing Your Pets to the Engagement Session

  • Do bring your fur babies but keep in mind the location and the weather. We want them to be as comfortable as you are.

  • Do check if pets are allowed at the location of the engagement shoot.

  • Do remember to bring them some water and treats to make them comfortable and help direct them.

  • Do ask a friend or family member to tag along to keep your fur baby company in between shots.

What to do During the Engagement Session

  • Do trust us and follow our direction!

  • Do try to relax and have fun with your partner.

  • Do remember that nervous giggles are totally ok. We never expect our couples to be 100% comfortable in front of the camera, plus they make for adorable photos!

  • Do focus on your partner.

  • Do make each other giggle. Tell each other inside jokes, tickle each other, and be silly. Whatever it takes! We don’t judge and just want to see your smiles!

  • Do stay close to each other and flirt. Hold hands, hug, and snuggle.

  • Do give each other soft kisses. Kisses on the forehead, cheek, and lips are all welcome. This is the best time for some PDA!

  • Do be open-minded. While we may ask you to do something silly, often times it’s for your giggles and smiles before and after the action.

  • Do keep moving and interacting with each other. You can dance, run, or even jump around. Whatever you like! The best moments are the least posed.

  • Don’t worry if you are nervous. Shake it off, ask for a break, or change what you are doing. The most important thing is for you to be comfortable and have fun!

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