The Making of: Highway Engagement Shoot - Vanessa & Imran

When Diego and I shoot engagement shoots and weddings, we always aim to capture a WOW photo for every single one of our couples. A photo that will make them blurt out “OMG that’s us?!”. And when we meet with couples and show them our albums, one of my favorite stories to tell is how we created this magical WOW photo for Vanessa and Imran on the side of the highway.

Vanessa and Imran got in touch with us just a couple of months before their winter wedding. They wanted to try and squeeze in a winter engagement shoot before their wedding so they could share the photos with family and friends back home who couldn’t make it to their wedding.

If you don’t remember the winter in Toronto last year, Toronto had barely received any snow, and the parks and city streets were just grey and muddy, not ideal for a winter engagement shoot...

Not wanting to disappoint Vanessa and Imran, we picked them up the day of the engagement shoot and started to drive up north in search of snow. It wasn’t until we reached Barrie that we finally had enough snow to give them the engagement shoot experience they envisioned.

During the whole shoot, we kept looking up at the sky, hoping for snow. We really wanted to capture the falling snow all around them, but we got nothing and eventually gave up waiting for the snow to fall. Vanessa and Imran had been phenomenal in front of the camera, playing with the snow, teasing each other, and just radiating love despite the cold and lack of falling snow, so we jumped back into the car, ready to go home and happy with the shots we got.

Just as we got onto the highway, lo and behold, it started snowing, and we weren’t going to let this opportunity pass us by! Diego pulled the truck over to the side of the highway and we quickly jumped out. With the headlights of the truck illuminating the beautiful falling snow and creating a wonderful silhouette around Vanessa and Imran, we knew this photo was their WOW shot. Sleepy, a little cold, but satisfied - we were now definitely ready to go home.

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