The Jewel Event Centre Wedding - Tony & Leslie

Photographing at Leslie and Tony's wedding was one of the highlights of the season. The couple celebrated at The Jewel Event Centre in Woodbridge. We got delighted with capturing at The Jewel Event Centre as it's a very well known spot for weddings, I hope to come back soon.

Leslie chose Hampton Inn to get ready on the morning of her wedding. As the makeup was applied and everyones hair was finished off I shot the small details and the developing story. I popped in on Tony whilst he got ready at Hampton Inn . Whilst Tony was hidden away inside the venue Leslie had finished getting ready and was en route to the venue in a wonderful Limousine.

The ceremony celebrated at Islington United Church was delightful, the photos we took of it definitely have a "love is in the air" vibe to them. As a North York wedding photographer , we always have an incredible time capturing weddings.

Leslie and Tony interacted freely with the guest at the reception. There was a joyful vibe during the reception. Chasing each special moment is our mission as a wedding photographer. Getting married in Falls makes for some awesome pictures and we made sure to take advantage of some marvellous surroundings. The sky was full of cloud, but clouds aren't a bad thing on a wedding day as they create soft light, which is stylish for photos.

Once the wedding reception was over it was time to listen to the speeches. Photographing the speeches is a challenging part of the day because it's all about the words, so as wedding photographers we have to do our best to tell the story of the words with our pictures. The celebration took off when music began and guests had a blast on the dance floor. Leslie and Tony's wedding was one of the loveliest weddings I had captured recently and I wish them all the best.