Humber Bay Same-Sex Engagement Photos - Dominic & Michael

The Humber Bay Park engagement session of Dominic and Michael was shot with just a couple months to go before their big day! Now, with just a few weeks left, we are so giddy with anticipation for their same-sex wedding at The Factory Lounge! 

Dominic and Michael arrived for their engagement shoot in awesome black and white matching tracksuits, and each was holding a giant balloon, one white and one black, a ying-yang representation of their relationship. The size of the balloons completely caught us off guard! I mean, many couples bring balloons, but these were on another level!! No idea how they managed to fit them into the back seat of their car, but we are so glad they did! They were absolutely adorable holding their balloons, grinning from ear to ear as we ran around them, capturing all their giggles and laughs.

Despite all the mosquitos that were flying all around Humber Bay Park that evening, Dominic and Michael were clearly having fun. They were so excited for all our ideas, and even followed us on some, potentially a little unstable, rocks that lined the lake shore overlooking Lake Ontario and the Toronto cityscape. 

While some couples require encouragement to kiss and embrace in front of the camera during their engagement photoshoot, Dominic and Michael just couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. They were always hugging and kissing each other, nuzzling each other’s necks, playfully teasing each other, and even sneaking in the occasional butt grab! Even when we were casually walking around the paths of Humber Bay Park, looking for the next perfect spot for Dominic and Michael, they were usually still holding hands and pulling each other in for an embrace. With this much love flowing during their engagement shoot, we can only imagine that there won’t be a single dry eye around as they say their vows the day of their wedding. As wedding photographers, it can be kind of hard to shoot as you are crying tears of happiness for the couple you’ve spent the past year or so getting to know, but Dominic and Michael, we’ve stocked up on tissues, and ready for your wedding! Bring on the love!! :D