Casa Loma Wedding - Laura & Alen

Shooting a wedding at Casa Loma is a Toronto wedding photographer’s dream come true, and Diego and I got this amazing opportunity at Laura and Alen’s wedding at the start of our wedding season for the year.

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Laura and Alen originally had very different plans for their wedding venue and Casa Loma had not been in the picture until just a couple of months before the wedding. Crazy enough, Diego and I had driven past Casa Loma and remarked how cool it would be to shoot a wedding there just minutes before receiving the email from Laura and Alen telling us about the venue location change due to unforeseen circumstances.

The day of the wedding, we arrived at Casa Loma with just a couple of hours to go before the start of the ceremony. You would have never known there was going to be a wedding here at Casa Loma as it was still buzzing with its regular visitors who were touring the castle. Amidst all the hubbub, we were quickly escorted to the second floor, up the wooden staircase and through the beautiful corridors lined with antique décor, and into a room that looked like one of the Casa Loma museum rooms that should have a rope barrier ensuring we don’t touch any of the antiques, yet this was the bridal suit! This was one of the many moments where we had to pinch ourselves just to make sure we weren’t dreaming. The room was stunning and absolutely perfect for a bride to feel special and like a princess on the day of her wedding and for a wedding photographer to capture candid getting ready shots and gorgeous bridal portraits.

Soon after our arrival, Laura arrived with her family and bridal party, and the wedding kicked into full gear. The room was buzzing with excitement as the girls put on their bridesmaid dresses and then oohed and aahed as Laura slipped into her gorgeous wedding dress. At the same time, on the other side of Casa Loma, Alen arrived with his family and bridal party, and there the wedding party went into full swing as well with the boys busting out the drinks and jokes.

By the time we went down to the Conservatory room to prep for the ceremony, which was soon to begin, the room had already been transformed into a gorgeous ceremony space. With the natural sunset light peering into the room, the Conservatory truly looked magical as the stunning stained glass ceiling dome reflected light onto the marble floors of the room. Shooting Laura and Alen’s ceremony in the Conservatory was a real treat. The bright light and the stained glass reflections helped us to capture all the laughter and emotion that filled the room, while also incorporating the amazing lighting, stained glass windows, and reflections. My favourite part of their ceremony though was when they brought out a TFC scarf (yes, that’s a Toronto Football Club scarf) during the ceremony and the officiant wrapped Laura and Alen’s hands in union, while treating the guests to the story of one of Laura and Alen’s first dates, where Laura joined Alen to watch a TFC game during a particularly cold evening, and Alen wrapped Laura’s cold hands in his TFC scarf. That’s when Laura knew he was a keeper.

After the I do’s, the cocktail hour, and the formal portraits, the guests were invited into the Library of Casa Loma for the reception. When we arrived at Casa Loma earlier in the day, the room was filled with excited kids and performers, and now the room was elegantly decorated and ready to host Laura and Alen’s dinner, the highlight of which were highly entertaining groomsmen speeches, and a surprising and emotional speech/announcement from Laura and Alen themselves.

The Conservatory was transformed once again for the party and dancing, where an open bar was set up and the DJ was getting the party started. We knew the party was going to be good after meeting Laura and Alen’s bridal party, and sure enough, they brought their A game, complete with one of the groomsmen doing the worm dance across the elegant Conservatory marble floors. It was awesome!

As the grand finale to the night, Laura and Alen let us steal them away from the party for some couple portraits in the dark and quiet rooms of the Casa Loma second floor (so cool running around the castle after hours!!), and outside the castle in the cold for a few portraits in front of the beautifully lit castle. With the cold and wind being so brutal that night, we are so grateful to Laura and Alen for trusting us and following us outside. The results are spectacular! Thank you so much Laura and Alen for this phenomenal and unforgettable night, and for your trust and kindness. Your dreams came true that night in that magical castle when you married each other, and our dreams came true when we got to capture it!

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Florist: Thorn Floral
Hair and Make-up: Glam Galz
Dress: Best For Bride
Venue: Casa Loma