The Loft Distillery District Wedding – Tanya & Alex

The charming Distillery District wedding of Tanya and Alex was a perfect combination of contemporary, vintage, rustic, and chic, a true reflection of this hip district found in the east-end of downtown Toronto. We always love shooting in the Distillery Distric, as the heritage buildings, combined with the modern art and sculptures that can be found all around the pedstrian-only streets and paths, make the perfect back-drop for wedding photography.

Tanya and Alex's wedding day started at the Chelsea Hotel, located in the downtown Yonge Street area of Toronto. Did you know Chelsea Hotel is the largest hotel in Canada? We didn't either, but we definitely got a sense of it when we arrived at the hotel to capture Tanya and Alex's morning as they got ready for their big day.

After getting a little lost in the Chelsea Hotel lobby while trying to locate the elevators, we finally made it to Tanya and Alex's rooms. Alex was getting ready with his brother, who flew in from Portugal. Their close bond was very clear as they helped each other get ready. Tanya's step-father also joined Alex and his brother while they got ready, and quietly observed (and occasionally gave a helping hand when Alex's tie just wouldn't co-operate) his future son-in-law finish getting ready and polish off his navy-blue suit look with a beautiful burgundy and blush boutinnaire.  

Tanya got ready just a couple of doors down from Alex with her mom, aunt, and maid of honour. We could immediately tell the wedding was going to be a whole lot of fun just from watching Tanya and her maid of honour giggling at their inside jokes. Now we just couldn't wait for the reception fun and silliness to begin!

Before heading off to the Distillery District for Tanya and Alex's wedding ceremony and reception at The Distillery Loft, we had a first-look to co-ordinate. We found a little courtyard, which was suprisingly quiet, just on the side of the Chealsea Hotel. Alex stood nervously waiting for his bride to walk up to him. If Tanya was nervous as she walked up to Alex and touched his shoulder, we could not tell. She just looked so radiant. As Alex turned around, they were both all smiles as they admired one another.

From the Chelsea Hotel, we made our way to the Distillery District to capture Tanya and Alex's wedding portraits. While the Distillery District can be quite crowded on the weekend during the Summer, Tanya and Alex casually walked hand-in-hand through all the paths of the Distillery District fully engaged with one another and completely undisturbed by the crowds. Their smiles and laughs were genuine as they playfully teased and kissed each other for their couple portraits.  

After a quick break, Tanya and Alex were ready to say their I do's at The Loft. As we entered the venue, we were awe struck by the design and vintage decor of the space. The Loft did a phenomenal job decorating the venue with warm lighing, little bistro lights, and gorgeous chandeliers, creating the perfect feel for a warm, inviting, and intimate ceremony and reception.

The guests at Tanya and Alex's wedding were definitely eager to get the party started, with many dancing between the delicious courses and the heart-warming speeches, and once the lights were dimmed and DJ Scottify cranked up the music, everyone was on the dance floor busting a move! What an awesome crowd, and an even more awesome couple!! Tanya and Alex, thank you so much for trusting in us and welcoming us with open arms. We had so much fun! 

Venue: Distillery District - The Loft

DJ: DJ Scottify

Hair & Makeup: Laila Jamal

Bride Preparation: Chelsea Hotel