School Engagement Photos - Amanda & William

Once upon a time, at an elementary school in a land called Markham, a new boy named William arrived. He didn't know anyone at the school, and waited patiently in the office until a friend would come and find him. As luck would have it, at the same time, a beautiful and kind-hearted girl named Amanda was chosen by the teacher to venture to the school office and welcome William to the school. And they lived happily ever after....

And that's how we ended up shooting William and Amanda's engagement session at St. Mother Teresa Catholic elementary school. While I don’t know if it was quite love at first site when William and Amanda first laid eyes upon each other, their feelings for each other were definitely evident at their engagement shoot. We didn't need to give William and Amanda too much direction as they were so giddy to be back at their elementary school to shoot their engagement photos, and as were we! It was such a unique experience running around the school halls (sorry, teachers!), playing around the classrooms and the gym, and having Amanda sneak a kiss from William in the school library, and even in the school office. 

We loved seeing these two misbehave in the sweetest way for their engagement shoot at the elementary school where their story first began! So cute! Thank you, St. Mother Teresa Catholic School, for allowing us to break all the rules, and William and Amanda for playing along with our antics for your shoot! Cannot wait  for your fall wedding later this year! :)

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