Fire Station Engagement Session - Donna & Daneil

Choosing a location for an engagement shoot often seems to be a challenge for couples. Many gravitate towards the popular spots around Toronto, but Diego and I always encourage couples to choose an engagement shoot location that has meaning to them, that is unique, or that they just absolutely love. 

When Donna and Daneil mentioned that they were considering doing their engagement shoot in Hamilton, at the Dundas community fire station where Daneil is a fireman, we jumped at the opportunity. How often do you get the chance to do a photoshoot at a fire station? Not often, that’s for sure! 



Soon after we arrived at the station, and just as we were about to start the shoot, the fire alarms started blaring and we got to see the firemen in action as they quickly jumped into the truck and drove off, but what’s an engagement shoot at a fire station without a fire truck?? It wouldn’t have been the same, so while we waited for the firemen to return with the truck, we went strolling around the main streets of Dundas. It’s wonderful to see that many of the old buildings are so well preserved. There is so much charm in this little community, so many unique homes, and plenty of neat little spots for an engagement shoot that we could have easily done the whole photoshoot just walking around the streets of Dundas, but we had a fire station awaiting us.

When we got back to the fire station, it turned out that the call had been a false alarm and the truck had returned soon after we left, still all shiny and clean from the special treatment it had received by the awesome team at the station earlier that day, special for Donna and Daneil’s engagement shoot!

Shooting with fire trucks as the main back-drop and props of the shoot was really cool as the trucks allowed us to play with so many different reflections, lights, and lines. If you’ve been following our work for some time, you can then just imagine how much fun it was for us! We were like kids in a toy store, except today we were actually allowed to play with all the toys! Lights were turned on, trucks were climbed, and poles were...slid? Haha You get the idea, it was awesome!! Thank you Donna and Daneil, and of course everyone at the Dundas fire station for such a unique opportunity and a super fun evening!!