Winter Wedding - Sarah & Glen

Sarah and Glen’s wedding was everything you could imagine a winter wedding would be, complete with a fresh coating of snow surrounding St. George’s Golf and Country Club and beautiful Christmas lights and Christmas trees throughout the historic venue - a Toronto wedding photographer’s dream!!

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Choosing a winter themed wedding wasn’t just a matter of convenience for Sarah and Glen, but rather a celebration of how their love story had begun. Sarah and Glen met through a mutual friend while Christmas caroling the previous year, and then Glen continued to woo Sarah over the holidays with his ice skating skills, kindness, and fun-loving nature.

Sarah and Glen wanted to share their story with their friends and family the day of the wedding, so we helped them put together a little video. Together with Brame Video, we met Sarah and Glen at Toronto’s City Hall Christmas Market and had an amazing afternoon shooting all together while Sarah and Glen enjoyed the Christmas market, skated, sang Christmas carols with their friends (they had so much passion that random people even joined in!!), and then treated us to a bit of salsa dancing! Sarah and Glen’s infectious laughter and happiness made the whole shoot so wonderful and fun, we could not wait for their wedding to celebrate and capture their love. Check the video Here

Not going to lie, when Sarah and Glen’s wedding day came, Diego and I had a hard time holding back tears as there was just so much emotion flowing throughout the whole day - you could definitely feel how much love Sarah and Glen have for each other, and how loved they were by their friends and family.

As Sarah prepared to step out of St. George’s Golf and Country Club for her first look with Glen, we all had jitters in our belly as she looked so magical in her dress and faux fur shawl, surrounded by the brilliant white snow. We couldn’t wait to see Glen’s reaction, and it didn’t disappoint. Sarah took everyone’s breath away! Despite the cold and snow surrounding St. George’s Golf and Country Club, Sarah and Glen were brave enough to jump right in for their couple portraits. As it was quite cold and Sarah was standing in the snow in her bridal heels, we had to do our best to quickly grab these shots and get them back inside to warm up before the ceremony. With Sarah and Glen though, it was a piece of cake. They were both beaming with happiness and it made every photo we took better than the previous.

Back inside, once Sarah’s hands and feet were thawed out with a space heater and hair dryer, the bridal party took a few quiet moments away from all the buzz and excitement of the day to join hands and pray together. It was powerful and moving, and we felt blessed to have witnessed and captured this moment. This feeling of love and devotion continued into the ceremony, where the ceremony room was decorated with gorgeous Christmas tree and Christmas decorations, and where Sarah and Glen were all smiles as they joined hands, and were then led into prayer, lit candles, and had friends sing and say some wonderfully moving words to Sarah and Glen and their guests. It was truly magical all around and left us with goosebumps.

Once the ceremony was over, and while the reception room at St. George’s Golf and Country Club was being set up, Sarah and Glen treated us to an unforgettable first dance in the middle of the rotunda as their guests watched from the balconies above. And as the night progressed, Glen continued to show off his awesome dance moves on the dance floor and brought out everyone to the dance floor to celebrate his love for Sarah, and Sarah’s love for Glen. This wedding is definitely one for the books! Thank you Sarah and Glen for having us be part of your special day, and for all the kindness and love!!!

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