Prince Edward County Engagement Session - Sandra and Anthony

This Christmas Eve, Diego and I have been reminiscing about our favorite moments from 2018, and especially today, with this snowy weather outside, one of the engagement shoots that we’ve been reflecting on fondly is the full day engagement shoot we did this summer with Sandra and Anthony in Prince Edward County.  

The full day engagement shoot we did with Sandra and Anthony was a perfect Sunday Funday. Diego and I drove up to Sandra’s family cottage in Prince Edward County in the morning, and as it was the day of the 2018 FIFA World Cup final, we enjoyed a quiet morning with them watching the final before heading out for our fun-filled day. The plan for their engagement shoot was to hang out together in the Prince Edward County area, and document our adventures as we went along.

Sandra’s family cottage is a gorgeous lake-front property in Prince Edward County with a beautifully maintained vegetable garden and various fruit trees. It is so picturesque that we could have easily done their entire engagement session right there at the cottage, but we had lots of exploring planned for the day, so off we went.

Our first stop was the Sandbanks Provincial Park, located on Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County near Picton, Ontario. While the beach was jam packed with families cooling off in the lake during this mid-July heat, it didn’t stop Sandra and Anthony from splashing around in the lake and getting a little wet as they raced each other through the lake and towards the sandy beach.

Our next stop was meant to be the town of Picton, the largest community in Prince Edward County, and the place where Sandra spent many days during the summer while growing up. On our drive from the cottage to Picton, Ontario, we came across numerous farm fields. There was one farm field in particular that was calling out to us – there, perfectly yellow wheat fields bordered vibrant-green corn fields. We could not miss out on such a fun photo opportunity. It was so much fun to watch, and capture, Sandra and Anthony running through the fields, climbing on top of the round bales of hay (which turns out to be much harder than it looks), and laughing at how ridiculous Diego and I looked as I tried to climb onto Diego’s shoulders to take photos of Sandra and Anthony from above. Sometimes Diego and I can be quite ridiculous in our efforts to take an awesome shot, but it’s always worth it! J

Once we finally made it to Picton, our first stop was Slickers Ice Cream shop, which has some of the best ice cream we’ve ever eaten! Apple Pie ice cream and ginger-rhubarb ice cream?! Yes, Please! We then walked around the picturesque town of Picton, which is full of original buildings from the 1800s, and we even got to take some photos with an antique car! The owner was clearly proud of his car and happily let Sandra and Anthony climb into his car when he found out we were taking their engagement photos. So fun!

Our last stop before heading back to the cottage was Lake on the Mountain Park, which, just like its name says, is a lake on a mountain. If you haven’t been to Lake on the Mountain Park, we highly recommend! The lake is stunning and the view is even better! It’s picture perfect and Sandra and Anthony looked amazing as the evening light reflected off of the lake and shimmered around them.

We arrived back at the cottage just in time to do a quick BBQ before the sun set over the lake. The sunset that evening was sunning, and the lake reflected the beautiful reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and purples that adorned the sky that evening. While Sandra and Anthony quickly canoed away from the shore and towards the sunset, Diego and I slowly followed suit in a paddle boat. The result was breathtaking! Sandra and Anthony, thank you so much for such a fun and beautiful day! You are fantastic hosts, and we cannot wait for the warm summer days to go back to Prince Edward County for another Sunday Funday!