Winery Engagement Session - Emily & Manuel

Living in Toronto, we are very lucky to have Niagara-on-the-Lake so close by. Everywhere you turn, there is a winery, and shooting in a winery is always such a treat. The smells, the views, the atmosphere, it's all so romantic and it sets the perfect mood for an engagement photoshoot.

While researching possible wineries for Emily and Manuel's winery engagement photoshoot, we came across Konzelmann Estate Winery, a gorgeous lakeside winery with a gazebo overlooking Lake Ontario. After speaking with Linda, the events co-ordinator, we were immediately sold. Not only is Konzelmann Estate Winery beautiful, but the photography permits are affordable and Linda is super friendly and easy to work with!

When we arrived at the estate, we were greeted by Linda, who promptly gave us a tour of the gorgeous estate grounds. She showed us all the picturesque spots to shoot at, and then left us to work. The first spot that Linda showed us caught our attention and we started the shoot there - the wine cellar. To the naked and inexperienced eye, the wine cellar may seem like an unimpactful place - brown barrels in a gray cement room - but to the trained eye, the room is so much more than that and had the potential to be the setting of a beautiful picture. It did not disappoint.

Although we started the shoot on an immediate high, we continued finding amazing photo opportunities everywhere we looked. The lines in the vineyard. The gazebo overlooking the water. The unobstructed sunset. Emily and Manuel were beaming in every picture, and the romantic nature of the winery just accentuated their love. It was absolutely lovely shooting your engagement pictures, Emily and Manuel. Thank you for the trust!

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