Surprise Wedding Proposal

The name's is Moura, Diego Moura. Undercover photographer with a license to shoot....

...or at least that's how I felt while shooting a top secret marriage proposal. Thanu of BelleCreations events contacted me just a few days prior with a master plan. The groom to be, Izad, really wanted to bring the wow factor when he proposed to his girlfriend Evie. Serenading musicians, flowers, hidden photographer, a beautiful setting. The whole 9 yards. But everything had to be really secret. We couldn't blow our cover until just the right moment. So in order to get close, I had to bring a decoy that would allow me to be next to my target.

I arrived at Sheldon Lookout - Humber bay Park, the scene of the proposal, with my wife, Liza, and we pretended to be just your regular casual couple taking photos of each other. In reality, for every photo I took of her, I took 10 of Evie and Izad. I'd whisper to Liza, who was keeping an eye on them, "Is Evie looking?", and when she wasn't, I would quickly turn and snap a few shots. I truly felt like a secret agent at that point.

My heart was beating so fast in anticipation of the big moment. And then there it was, the guys from The Farewell Summer coming down the hill serenading the couple, Evie's realization, Izad dropping to his knee. There was so much energy and emotion in that moment. It was such a beautiful and touching proposal, and I'm honored to have been able to capture Evie's and Izad's special moment. Congrats, guys!

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