Catholic Wedding - Patricia & Gavin

We arrived at Patricia and Gavin's home the morning of their wedding day, where I was going to take the groom getting ready photos, while Diego was going to meet Patricia and her bridesmaids. The two scenes couldn't have been any more different! Gavin and his groomsmen were relaxed, hanging out, wearing casual clothes, and were on their way to the corner store to grab lunch. You would never suspect that Gavin was getting married that day. At Patricia's, on the other hand, everything was in full swing. Bridesmaids were almost ready, Patricia already had her hair and makeup done, and all that was left to do was apply the final touches. Once the groomsmen finally started getting ready, Gavin got a call from Patricia, reminding him that the Limo was arriving really soon to pick him up. Now the boys were hustling to finish getting ready, while at the same time, a few streets over, Patricia and her bridesmaids were having fun and doing shots, even convincing Diego to join in!

Despite the last minute rush to finish getting ready, everyone made it to the church on time. Saint Anthony’s Church is beautiful and ornate, and the Catholic ceremony was serious yet touching. With a good number of the wedding guests being Spanish speakers, the ceremony was held in both Spanish and English, a beautiful touch commemorating the union of Patricia’s and Gavin's families. 

After the ceremony, the wedding party drove over to the U of T campus for the family and formal photos. It's such a beautiful location for a wedding photoshoot, but very crowded with other wedding parties, so it was very luckily we were still able to get a photography permit earlier that same week, and for the exact spots that we wanted. We took advantage of the space and stayed as long as our booked time allowed, then it was off to celebrate!

The reception was held at the Liberty Grand, a gorgeous Toronto lakeshore venue just minutes away from the Argonaut Rowing Club, where we also shot Christopher and Luilson’s Canadian-Brazilian wedding. When we arrived at the Liberty Grand, the drinks were already flowing, the hors d'oeuvre were being passed around, and the guests were mingling. The atmosphere was great, and we could tell the party is going to be even better, and it didn't disappoint! Patricia and Gavin honored their heritages by playing traditional Bolivian music, which had everyone, from Patricia's relatives visiting from Bolivia to their Canadian friends, out on the dance floor, and then soon after, by treating everyone to an Irish dance performance. The music, the footwork, the costumes - it was so fun to watch! 

We left that night exhausted, but exhilarated after such an action packed and awesome fun day! Thank you Patricia and Gavin for letting us capture your beautiful wedding day!

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